TOKYO 2020: Tickets Only Shop – awaiting new schedule

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The IOC (International Olympic Committee) made a statement on Sunday March 23rd, surrounding the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games due to the recent COVID19 pandemic. The Games will now begin on July 23rd 2021.

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (TOCOG) have released the new schedule for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020+1. Please click this link to view the new schedule. If you require tickets please let us know the session that you are interested in through email at and we can check our stock for you.

For all customers who have purchased tickets to date please note that your tickets will be valid for the new schedule.

On July 23rd 2021 the world will tune in and watch the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

Team Ireland will travel to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and will make the Irish nation proud in competing against the best from around the world.

We are delighted to say that the response and demand from Ireland and Finland in our Web-Shop to date has been as High. On July 15th 2019 we launched our 1st Phase in the Web-Shop and 90% of our ticket only inventory was purchased.

There are limited sessions still available within Boxing and Beach Volleyball, if you are interested to hear more please send us email

ATHLETES of Ireland and Finland – please send an email to if your session is not listed. We will make a request to the Organising Committee on your behalf. Athletes and their families are a high priority to us at Elämys Group.

Join us in Tokyo to experience some first class sport and make some memories of a lifetime.

How to purchase tickets:

  • Please click the link above – a new window will open
  • Here choose the Sport you are interested in
  • A calendar view of all the sessions for this sport will appear
  • Sessions listed in Blue are available and sessions listed in grey are currently not available
  • Choose the available session you wish to attend
  • Select the number of tickets you require
  • These tickets are added to your basket which is listed at the end of the page
  • If you wish to purchase tickets for a different session you can go back to the sports selection page and repeat the above steps
  • When you are happy with your selection please go to your shopping cart and select “Continue to Payment”
  • Here you will complete the Payment details required
  • Please follow the steps for Payment with Paytrail
  • Upon your purchase you will receive an email with your confirmation


Note that there is a limit of 4 tickets per session. There is a 19.50€ delivery/service fee applied to each order (example: one order may have 20 tickets purchased and the fee of €19.50 is applied on the whole order not each ticket).

The sessions that are available, are for sports and sessions that we believe our appointed countries Ireland & Finland will have athletes competing in.

We don’t have tickets to every session that our Athletes will compete in due to the High Demand of the sport. However we are still trying to obtain tickets to some sports from the Organising Committee for sessions that we are hopeful to have an athlete compete in i.e. Gymnastics and Swimming. If/When these tickets become available we will release then for sale to the General Public.

PLEASE NOTE: The draw for the competition schedule for Hockey has not taken place yet therefore we do not know the sessions that Ireland will participate in. As soon as we have received the schedule we will send a notification to our Hockey Fan’s Mailing list. If you wish to join this list please email

If you are a relative of a friend of an Athlete and the session you wish to obtain is not available please email: 

If you require a Wheelchair ticket & a Wheelchair Companion ticket please place your request and send an email to 

Wheelchair ticket requests have to be requested separately with the Organising Committee – wheelchair tickets are also limited please let us know as soon as to make the request on your behalf.

You can now create your own package with Elamys Group. Please see what Hotel Offers are available here. 

Who can buy tickets?
As the Authorised Ticket Reseller of Finland and Ireland. Elämys Group can sell tickets to residents and nationals of Finland & Ireland, along with the European Economic Area.

My family member is an Athlete do I get a priority?
Yes please send us an email with the details of your competing relative if their sport or session is not available. Due to the size of some of the venues we have not been able to obtain tickets to every sport or session. However we can request additional tickets. 

The Session I want to attend is not available for Purchase?
The allocation of tickets that we received from the Organising Committee does not have every session available for purchase. We are requesting additional tickets from the Organising Committee based on the sport that we expect Ireland and Finland to have athletes compete in. If there is a sport that you would like to obtain tickets to and you feel we should have them in stock you can send us an email ( with the details. From there we will review this and take into consideration for our request with the Organising Committee.

Where will I be sat?
We do not find out the location of our seats till early Summer 2020, therefore we will not be releasing the seat locations of our tickets. Seat locations will be given at the point of tickets being received by you. 

Can I see the seats I have purchased?
No seat locations will not be given to the point of collection of tickets.

Where will I collect my tickets?
At the moment we do not know if tickets will be made for collection or delivery. It will depend on the collection process set by the Organising Committee. However when we know if the tickets will be made for collection or delivery we will contact all ticket clients. We aim to have this information communicated by no later than 6 weeks prior to the Olympic Games beginning. 

Will my tickets be sent to me?
Tickets will be made available for collection in Tokyo at Games Time. There is a Delivery/Service fee on each full order made for ticket only (example: one order may have 20 tickets purchased and the fee of €19.50 is applied on the whole order not each ticket).

Will more sessions become available?
We do have a wait list of tickets with the Organising Committee at the moment for sports that we believe will be popular to the General Public, along with a request for tickets that we believe we will have an Irish Athlete Compete in. As and when/If we receive these tickets we will make them available for purchase to our ticket only holders. 

I would like to attend every session of Hockey that the Irish teams will compete in?
The hockey schedule has not yet been finalised and the draw for the competition schedule has not been released. As soon as it is we will be publishing this on our website and we will also place a request with the Organising Committee to purchase tickets to try and meet the demand that we have received to date.

Can I re-sell my tickets?
No – ticket touting and the re-sale of tickets by companies or persons who are unauthorised to sell and do not carry the Official ATR logo are not approved to sell tickets to the Olympic Games. If you cannot attend please contact us and we will inform you if we can re-allocate your tickets to someone else or if we can issue you a refund for the tickets. PLEASE DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM UNAUTHORISED SOURCES tickets can be copied or printed twice or indeed have been cancelled, purchasing from an ATR will insure that you are purchasing a ticket that is valid. 

Is there a handling fee applied to my ticket price?
Yes each ticket carries a mark up of 20%, this 20% markup is capped at 6,000 JPY. This is in accordance with pricing and guidelines set by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.


Our full ticketing terms and conditions can be found here.  Before each purchase made you must accept and agree to our terms and conditions.