FAQ’s – Travel and Ticket Packages Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Olympic Federation of Ireland and the National Olympic Committee of Finland have appointed Elamys Group as their Authorised Ticket Re-seller (ATR).

All ticket pricing, schedules and rules are set by the Organising Committee. Ticket resale is strictly forbidden. Elamys Group as the appointed Authorised Ticket Reseller must adhere to all rules and guidelines set by the Organising Committee.

Please see our General FAQ’s that will help you when booking your tickets and travel packages. For more specific FAQs please refer to the Ticket Only – Shop or the Travel Package you wish to purchase.

I’m interested in Travel and Ticket Packages, How do I buy?

We have reserved a variety of hotel rooms, transport and tickets, and have created a ready-made Olympic Tour Package for the most interesting sessions. The ticket selection in these packages are based on sports that we expect Team Ireland to participate in and other sports that would be of interest. Tickets are included in the package – there is also an option to purchase additional tickets to additional sessions.

The ticket only sales were launched July 15th 2019. The tickets and packages are currently sold out.

The Organizing Committee has allocated more tickets to Ireland. The ticket and travel package sales will be on sale again on December 9th 2019 at 10am (Irish Standard Time – IST).

How do I get additional tickets for a travel package?

You can add additional tickets to your package at the time of booking. Any tickets that we have available for the duration of your trip will be listed here and are available for purchase.

If you would like tickets that are not listed, there is an option to request these tickets at the point of booking your travel package. These tickets will then be requested from the Organising Committee – we will charge the full price of the ticket at the point of booking. If we are unable to obtain the tickets from the Organising Committee, we will issue you with a refund.

Where will I be sat?
We do not find out the location of our seats till early Summer 2020, therefore we will not be releasing the seat locations of our tickets. Seat locations will be given at the point of tickets being received by you. 

Can I buy tickets directly from the Organising Committee?

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee sell tickets to the Japanese customers until Spring 2020. In the final stage of ticket sales they will make tickets available to a worldwide market. However, we have no exact dates or confirmation surrounding times. Tickets bought from the Organising Committee can only be purchased with a VISA card. We have no knowledge of what tickets will be available from Spring 2020 from the Organising Committee. It is likely that the numbers and sessions will be limited due to the high demand at this stage.

Who should I buy tickets from?

Tickets should only be purchased through an official channel – your own countries ATR or the Organising Committee. Touting is illegal in Japan and is taking very seriously.

To find a full list of all approved ATR’s please visit this site.

My family member is an Athlete do I get a priority?
Yes, please send us an email with the details of your competing relative if their sport or session is not available. Due to the size of some of the venues we have not been able to obtain tickets to every sport or session. However, we can request additional tickets. The Organising Committee do operate an Athlete Family ticketing policy which allows each Athlete access to two tickets (excluding Swimming – Swimming sees one ticket), for more information on this please contact joanna.sheridan@elamysgroup.com

The Session I want to attend is not available for purchase?
The allocation of tickets that we received from the Organising Committee does not have every session available for purchase. We have requested additional tickets from the Organising Committee based on the sport that we expect Ireland to have athletes compete in. If there is a sport that you would like to obtain tickets to and you feel we should have them in stock you can send us an email (tokyo2020@elamysgroup.com) with the details. From there we will review this and take into consideration for our request with the Organising Committee.

How much is a ticket?
Ticket prices vary significantly from €24 to over €2000. The ticket price is divided into a face value and a handling fee of up to 20% of the ticket, however this is capped at 6000JPY (€47). Ticket pricing all over the world is the same and is approved by the Organising Committee. Ticket prices are included in the total cost of the travel packages (tickets included are listed).

Will my tickets be delivered to me?
Tickets will not be delivered to your residential address prior to the Games. Elamys Group will have a Ticket Collection Centre in Tokyo for the Games. This location will be emailed to all ticket customers as per our terms and conditions. There is a Service/Delivery fee applied to every purchase.