Special terms for companies and groups

Terms of payment and cancellation policy 

Terms of payment and invoicing

Costs of a trip will be invoiced in three instalments:

Instalment: 30% of the final offer price is invoiced at the time of booking.

Instalment: Final invoice based on an itemization of costs is billed 31 days (due date) before the start of the trip / event.

Instalment: additional costs incurred during the trip/event shall be invoiced according to actual costs.

A reservation is confirmed and binding after the reservation fee has been paid. The services and reservation situation of service providers cannot be confirmed until the payment of a reservation fee.

Exceptional reservations of service providers may change the terms of payment. Any exceptional arrangements shall be communicated to the customer at the time of booking. Value-added tax according to marginal taxation shall be added to invoices for trips to the EU area, and be taken into account in the final invoice.

Cancellation policy

The 30% reservation paid at the time of confirming a reservation is non-refundable. The reservation fee includes non-refundable prepayments of service providers unless otherwise indicated.

Cancellation charges are 100% 31 days before a trip/event unless agreed otherwise. Elämys Group undertakes to negotiate with service providers on reimbursements when cancellations are made under 31 days before a trip/event.

Elämys Group has the right to cancel an agreement if payment is not made by the agreed payment date. Failure to pay will not release the client from obligations related to the trip or event, such as prepayments paid on behalf of the client by Elämys Group.

Elämys Group has the right to change prices whenever there are changes in the prices of outsourced services /such as fuel surcharge on a flight) and/or currency exchange rates. The price of the final payment will be adjusted for changes in exchange rates at the time of final payment. The effect of a weaker euro on the price shall be charged from the customer if the effect of the change in the exchange rate is greater than one hundred euros/trip or event.

General terms and conditions and special terms

Elämys Group (Milargo Ltd Oy) has a valid guarantee with the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, which is the authority charged with supervising the activities of tour operators (www.kkv.fi) The registration number of package tour transportation: 3949/00/MJ Mv. The general terms and conditions of package tours negotiated by The Association of Finnish Travel Agents (SMAL / AFTA) and the consumer ombudsman can be read at the website of KKV (FCCA).

Application of special terms and conditions

We apply the following special terms in addition to the general terms and conditions of package tours because of the regulations concerning the mode of transport of the travel products of Elämys Group, the terms of booking and sales of scheduled flights, as well as the accommodation terms arising from the special nature of the trip.

Airline tickets

Group airline tickets are written 10 days before the start of a trip. Tickets for groups with less than 10 people are written immediately at the time of booking.

Name changes on airline tickets made as a group reservations can be made free of charge 10 days before the start of the trip – after this there is a 60 euro fee / change for name changes on tickets.

The precise price of an airline ticket is determined according to the fuel tax of the day when the ticket is written and therefore may vary from when the cost estimate was given.

Number of hours worked by Elämys Group

The number of hours worked in the cost estimate by Elämys Group is an estimate of the hours used to plan and implement a trip/event. Any changes in the number of hours will be communicated to the customer without delay when the number of hours exceeds the estimate.

Travel insurance

Travelers must have valid travel insurance. Each traveller is responsible for his or her insurance and its coverage. In order to receive cancellation coverage, the insurance must be paid no later than 3 days before the start of the trip. We recommend you check the reimbursement terms of valid insurance from your insurance company. Upon request, you must present a certificate of valid insurance to the tour leader or guide. The tour operator may, if necessary, refuse to allow a traveller without travel insurance to participate in the trip and the operator is not obligated in these cases to reimburse any expenses or damages incurred to the customer.

Travel documents

The traveller is responsible for having the necessary travel documents (passport, visa, USA electronic travel authorization application ESTA) and they must verify the accuracy of the names on them and the names given for reservations and that they match each other. Also check the departure times of transport. We are not responsible for damages if the trip is prevented or delayed due to incomplete or incorrect travel documents (such as damaged passport) or a refusal or lack of a visa.

Obligations and responsibilities of the customer

The customer must comply with instructions and regulations given by the tour leader, operator or representative of the operator related to carrying out the trip, and rules and regulations of the means of transport.

The customer shall not disturb other travellers with his or her behavior or cause inconvenience or danger to him or herself or to others with his or her behavior. If a customer materially fails to fulfil his or her obligations, his or her departure on the trip may be denied or he or she may be removed from the trip. In this case the customer is not entitled to a refund and he or she is responsible for all expenses incurred from his or her trip home.

The customer is liable for damages that he or she causes through his or her deliberate, careless or negligent conduct to him or herself, operators or third parties, by, among other things, failing to comply with the above regulations.

The customer shall provide tour operators with contact information by which he or she can be reached before and during the trip.

Changes to service and trips

Elämys Group may, if necessary, make relatively minor changes to travel arrangements which are not mistakes, and which do not justify cancellation of the trip or reimbursement for the trip. The following are not mistakes: changes to the flight schedule that are under 16 hours, or change of accommodation to one of equal level if the location and other services do not change significantly.

If the tour operator cannot, for reasons outside of his or her control, follow the agreed travel plan, the operator has the right to change itineraries and other elements of the trip, such as schedules, places to stay the night and means of transport, or make other changes to the travel program that do not essentially change the nature of the trip. For example, prevailing weather conditions may affect the travel program. Changes must be communicated to the customer without delay. In spite of the aforementioned changes, the customer is obligated to pay for the price of the trip and other agreed fees.

Cancellation of a trip

A traveller must immediately notify Elämys Group of a cancellation of a trip, and a reliable account of the reason for the cancellation shall be given if necessary, such as a doctor’s certificate describing the reason which inhibits travel. Due to the special nature of the trips, Elämys Group has the right to charge the customer for actual costs incurred from cancellation by the customer.

When cancellations are made more than 31 days beforehand, 70% of costs are refunded. No refund is paid for cancellations made under 31 days.


Complaints and feedback about a trip must be made immediately after the reason for it has occurred to the guides at the destination or directly to the hotel, transportation company, restaurant etc. when taking an independent trip. Claims for damages must always be in writing, no later than 14 days after the trip has ended.

Tour operator’s right of cancellation

The operator has the right to cancel a trip if

a) not enough participates have registered for the trip. The operator has the right to decide what the minimum number of people needed for each trip is. The cancellation must be communicated to the customer as soon as possible, with consideration to the length and nature of the trip.

b) the operator’s ability to carry out the trip in the agreed manner have become substantially more difficult after the agreement was made due to acts of war, natural disaster, strike or similar situation that have occurred at the destination, if it is not possible to carry out the trip for any other unexpected reason without endangering the customer’s life or health. Another basis for cancelling a trip is substantially changed conditions at the destination. A cancellation must be communicated to the customer as soon as possible.

The tour operator is not responsible for prevailing snow or weather conditions at the destination. Elämys Group is not responsible for changes over which the tour operator has no control and for any typing or clerical errors on the website.

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