Total silence tour

Space, time, peace and quiet – the four elements modern life lacks. Finland offers a chance for downshifting even in the heart of the city, and untouched nature is never more than half an hour away. Stay at a cottage, enjoy a sauna and listen to birds warbling across the lake. Finland’s unspoilt forests and thousands of lakes and islands offer plenty of opportunities for everyone to walk about freely and enjoy unique natural beauty.

We’ve made an example programme in Eastern Finland for silence of the wilderness and outdoor activities.

  • Group size: 10 – 20 persons
  • Best time to take the tour: April – September
  • Duration: 3 days

Day 1

Flight to Joensuu and transportation to forest cabins at Koli. Paddling trip with outdoors lunch on an island. Afternoon hike through Finnish national park scenery ending with forest yoga. Dinner after refreshing and relaxing at Finnish traditional sauna.

Day 2

Visit to The Koli Nature Centre Ukko to see exhibition that displays Koli’s geological features, natural environment and culture in a variety of ways and provides advice and tips for hiking in the Koli National Park. The Nature Centre is only a few hundred metres from the Ukko-Koli lookout point. Hike to “Fountain of Youth” passing the best known peeks. Don’t forget to take your own bottle to fill it with clear spring water known as “Youth elixir”.

Short transportation to wilderness cottage to relax in total silence. Possibility to photoshoot wild animals such as bears, eagles, wolverines and foxes. Dinner and accommodation at cottage.

Day 3

Short morning hike and preparing for transportation back to Helsinki.

Images via Visit Finland: Krista Keltanen, Hernan Patino, Anneli Hongisto

Soita meille!