The colours of Lappish leaves

Stunning beauty of Lappish summer and autumn, example program viewing leaves turning various shades of red and yellow. Autumn leaf colour, or “ruska” to locals, is a spectacular natural phenomenon that paints northern landscapes in deep and soft tones. Covered in forests and wildernesses, Finland is a prime destination for some serious leaf peeping.

  • Group size: 10 – 100 persons
  • Best time to take the tour: August – September
  • Duration: 3 days

Day 1

Flight to Rovaniemi and transportation to forest cabins at wilderness. The temperature is also ideal for hiking, usually around 10 degrees Celsius. During the hike we’ll do some berry picking from terrain that bathes in an array of hues of green, auburn, blue, red and yellow. Blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries are ready to enjoy straight from the tussocks and are still good to eat off the ground at the time of autumn leaf colour. During the hike we’ll be also gathering stones and plants for sauna and bathing later on the evening. After the gentle relaxation of sauna and fresh lake water we’ll enjoy the perfect dinner is served at the sauna premises.

Day 2

In the mornig a safe guided river rafting trip paddling down on the River Raudanjoki. There are several rapids on our way, classified on level 1-2 (easy). In the afternoon a visit to reindeer farm to meet theand meet the semi-domesticated reindeer. After early dinner we’ll take a relaxing evening hike to the arctic hills to see the stars shining brightly surrounded by complete silence.

Day 3

Visit to husky farm by mountain bikes or driving an ATV 4-wheeler before the noon. After lunch is time to visit the city of Rovaniemi on a guided tour and dinner at local restaurant. The group can take the evening flight to Helsinki or stay at a hotel in the city.

Images via Visit Finland: Soili Jussila/Vastavalo, Harri Tarvainen, Julia Kivelä, Jari Hindström/Vastavalo, Pentti Sormunen/Vastavalo

Soita meille!