Rovaniemi – the exotic Lapland adventure

Rovaniemi is an urban oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness, where culture, wild activities and fairytales come together. There are many reasons to love Rovaniemi – spellbinding nature and phenomena, Lappish traditions and culture, urban life and wild activities make the Official Hometown of Santa Claus a unique place to visit. We’ve made an example programme for 3 days visit in Rovaniemi.

Day 1

Jump on a snowmobile straight from the Rovaniemi airport and feel the speed in the snow. Stop at a Lappish hut “kota” for a light lunch. Continue to private lodge to relax, enjoy the sauna, swim or just roll out on the snow. In the evening experience the magical Lappish dinner: an unforgettable experience.

Day 2

A husky safari: get to know the arctic dogs and drive your own dog sled. A unique way to see the beauty of the Lappish winter. A guided visit to Rovaniemi city: the modern capital of Lapland. Dinner and a snow shoe excursion to see the Northern lights.

Day 3

Arctic rally day. Learn how to manage a car on the icy winter roads. The last night of the tour will be spent in a glass-roofed igloo. Lie on your comfortable bed and see the northern lights above. Or would you prefer sleeping in a snow castle hotel instead?

Images via Visit Finland:  Antti Viitala,  Juho Kuva, Vastavalo/Marko Junttila

Soita meille!