Island-Hopping in Finland

Finland is known to be a county of thousand lakes. But what you probably didn’t know is that Finland is also a country of more than 40 000 islands. This makes it a perfect place for island-hopping!

If you’re visiting the capital of Finland, Helsinki, during summertime you should definitely take a day or two to visit the beautiful islands nearby the city. Most popular islands near Helsinki are Suomenlinna, Lonna, and Vallisaari which all have their own perks.

Picture by Juha Kalaoja / Visit Finland

Suomenlinna, translated Finland’s castle, is a beautiful cultural treasure and pride of Finns. It is World Heritage Site which still inhabits 800 residents. Today Suomenlinna is the home of many interesting museums, restaurants, and events. It is also a perfect place for picnics during summer time. Take your picnic basket and go to Suomenlinna to enjoy the sea views and fresh air. That is what an authentic Finnish experience is made of.

Picture by Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland

Lonna is a former minesweeper island located near Suomenlinna. Lonna offers its visitors locally sourced organic delicacies at the restaurant, relaxing sauna experience, coffee shop and view to the gorgeous sunset in Helsinki. After a day in Lonna, you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed with all your stress, and worries cleared away.

Picture by Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland

Vallisaari, recently opened to visitors, is another island just 20 minutes from Helsinki. Vallisaari is known for its unique diversity of fauna and flora. Take a walk in the beautiful nature on your own pace or ask for the exciting activities available on the island. Vallisaari is a perfect place for a relaxing day in the flesh.

You might wonder how you can get to these islands. There are few firms which ferries operate on these routes. JT-lines is one of these. Just hop on and hop off at the island you want to visit next! You also have an option to rent a vessel for your own use so that you can tailor the routes or even add lunch at the sea to your time schedule. 

Picture by Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland
Soita meille!