Matkapojat is Finland's largest seller and organiser of cruises and local area tours. Matkapojat takes hundreds of thousands of satisfied leisure and group travellers around the world every year. In addition to its extensive cruise and flight selection, the company has grown to become a major specialist in tailor-made event travel.

As a pioneer in local tourism and together with key partners, Matkapojat offers its customers the best travel experiences and benefits – whether at home or abroad, near or far, by ship or by air, alone or in a group.

Elämys was formerly known as Elämysmatkat. We have now expanded our services and categorized them under several sub-brands. However, the brand and website ‘Elämysmatkat’ is still the home base of all Elämys services. The website is the navigation hub for the Elämys website where you can easily find your way to the experience you are interested in.

OK-Matkat is a Finnish tour operator founded in 1982 that is known for its top-quality travel production. OK-Matkat is the Finnish operator with the widest selection of destinations for guided city breaks.

OK-Matkat provides you tours with plenty of interesting activities and Finnish-speaking guides. Our team of travel experts knows the destinations inside out and advises our clients with passion. OK-Matkat’s key products also include group travel with destinations all over the world and endless selection of themes.

OK-Matkat’s 30-year story gained new momentum in October 2020 as the agency joined Elämys Group. Together we are stronger, and our clients get to enjoy our new and improved services


Matka-Agentit is a reputable Finnish tour operator founded 20 years ago. Matka-Agentit joined the Elämys family in June 2020. Their products include guided tours, theme tours, city breaks, beach holidays and tours within Finland.

Matka-Agentit’s specialties are popular theme tours around a cultural, natural or culinary theme, as well as accessible travel, which takes into account the special needs of travelers with disabilities. Accessible travel products include both independent travel as well as guided traveling for treatment and rehabilitation, and guided leisure travel.


Menestys is a new business travel company offering all business travel services and a wide range of corporate event services under one roof. Menestys is the first Finnish operator capable of providing all the same travel management services as the major US business travel companies that dominate the industry.

Our team of business travel experts is ready 24/7 to take care of any problems you might encounter. In addition to the personalized service, we have the most modern booking system in the industry which you can use to book your travel in a simple and cost-efficient way, as well as control and manage your organization’s business travel and costs.

Elämys Ski & Active

The roots of Elämys are in the Alpine slopes where Pette Halme, the founder of the company, took the first clients in the late 1980s. Since then, Elämys has brought thousands of skiers, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to the best locations in six continents in the world.

Elämys Ski & Active’s tours are guided by top experts and prepared according to each group’s preferences. Our main guide is, rightfully so, Pette Halme, the first authorized mountain guide in Finland.

Elämys Sport

Elämys Sport is our expert unit in all matters related to sports travel. We take our clients to the greatest sports events in the world.

With Elämys Sport, you can travel to see the Olympic Games, the Premier League, matches of the Finland national football team, NBA games, NHL games, Formula One Grand Prix and other major competitions of different sports. Elämys also takes care of the travel arrangements of the National Olympic Committees of Finland and Ireland, the Finland national football team, the Finland national basketball team and several other athletes.

Our travel team creates tailored experiences for corporate travelers according to their wishes anywhere in the world. We have brought groups to the Super Bowl, the Formula One Paddock, VIP area of the World Rally Championship, and naturally, to the best seats of different football leagues.

Elämys DMC

Elämys DMC is an incoming travel expert that delivers Finnish travel experiences for international guests. Our event and travel specialists produce international conferences and seminars, bring unforgettable Finnish experiences to corporate travelers, as well as creates experiences and activities to consumers.

Our services include organizing events and experiences of all sizes, as well as arranging flights, transportation and accommodation, and preparing related activities.

Elämys Live

A new company by the name of Elämys Live has been founded to answer to the growing and expanding demand for sports-, entertainment-, and culture events. Both corporate and consumer clients expect event organizers to offer high-quality, personalized experiences. Elämys Live’s modern technology, combined with vast experience and resources, can meet these expectations now and in the future.

Elämys Live provides event organizers with a highly-skilled sales-, production-, and marketing organization as well as a chance to create additional services by packaging travel services together with tickets. The Elämys booking engine can be directly integrated to the event organizer’s own website.

Elämys Cruises

Elämys Cruises is our international cruise specialist. Our catalogue includes all-inclusive cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Antarctica, among others. You can book a cruise through our user-friendly online booking system or consult our experienced cruise experts. Our specialists Petri ‘Risteily-Ässä’ Sirén and Mari Suihko have sailed on more than a hundred international cruises and 50 different cruise ships. They have been in charge for Royal Caribbean cruise sales in Finland and the Baltic countries since 2009.

Elämys Cruises works with with all major international cruise lines and selected river cruise lines, as well as supplies cruises for other Finnish travel agencies. Elämys Cruises is the Preferred Sales Representative of Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara in Finland.

Elämys Tech

Elämys Tech is a travel technology expert that helps operators in the travel industry digitise their services as well as provides training and consultation to operators about technical systems in travel. Elämys Tech builds tools for regional tourism organisations for distributing regional providers’ services and helps individual service providers digitise their products for better availability.

Our technology portfolio includes Elämys’ travel planner tool Koko Travel Planner and booking management platform Bokun owned by TripAdvisor.